Releases In Progress

Future Releases

Following the 2.11 release, Pulp development will have transitioned almost entirely to working on the upcoming Pulp 3 release. Any releases after Pulp 2.11 will be scheduled as-needed.

Release Stages

Beta - Dev believes the Z release is complete and ready for testing. Any bug fixes related to this release are still acceptable.
Release Candidate (RC) - Dev believes the Y release is complete and ready for testing. Any bug fixes related to this release are still acceptable.
Generally Available (GA) - Release is generally available in the stable repositories.

Release Stage Conditions

Releases spend a minimum time of one week in a given release stage. Subsequent releases in a given stage do not "reset the clock" on this waiting period. Care is taken to verify release-breaking bugs prior to advancing to the next release stage, which usually adds a few days to the release cycle, preventing "rapid-fire" releases.

Z Release Beta

There are no release candidates for Z releases. Z releases advance directly to GA after testing reveals no new blocking issues, and have passed acceptance testing by QE (including upgrade testing).

Y Release RC

There are no Beta for Y releases. Y releases advance to GA after testing reveals no new blocking issues, and have passed acceptance testing by QE. This release stage cannot advance to GA until the upgrade path from previous versions of pulp is confirmed to be working.
There can be as many release candidates as needed.

Y Release Cadence

Due to the unpredictable timeline of the release schedule once a Beta is released, the Y release cycle begins on the day of the previous Beta Y release. While unpredictable, the 12-week period between beta releases should be more than adequate to get that release Generally Available and still allow a few weeks before the next Beta is announced.

  • week 0: (Y-1 Release) Previous Y release cycle begins with a Beta Release
  • week 0: (Y Release) Y release cycle begins with a Dev Freeze
    • release branch created for this Y Release, preventing the addition of new features.
    • build system adapted to build from release branch
    • master branch now tracks development for next Y release
    • RC is built from release branch
  • week 1: (Y Release) Y RC Release
  • week 1+1?: Y release advances through RC phase to GA as stage conditions are met.

This release cadence was introduced to coincide with the release of the 2.11.0 Beta on 2016/10/25. If desired, the previous Y release cadence can be seen in the history of this wiki document.

2.y releases are no longer time based and therefore are not dependent on when previous y release beta was cut. The rest of the schedule is followed

Z Release Cadence

The Z release cycle starts with a Dev Freeze and then advances to a Beta. The Z release will spend a minimum of one week in Beta before being eligible to become Generally Available.

  • week 0: Dev Freeze
  • week 1: Beta Z Release
  • week 1+1?: GA Z Release

Z releases are released as often as possible based on this schedule, but are subject to upgrade testing which often extends the beta period beyond a week.

Version Numbering

To the best of our ability, our releases adhere to semantic versioning. The releases in this document correspond to releases that increment a given release component (Y or Z) as defined by semantic versioning:

In short, a "Z Release" increments the "Z" release component (e.g. 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1), and indicates no new features; only bug and security fixes have taken place. A "Y Release" increments the "Y" release component (e.g. 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0), and indicates that new features have been introduced, but backward-incompatible API changes have not taken place.

"X" Releases are not covered by this document. At the moment, they are rare enough as to be handled case-by-case. The next X release, Pulp 3, is currently being actively discussed on the pulp-dev mailing list. If you're interested in participating, go here to subscribe:

Release Schedule and Past Releases

Below is a list of all Versions including upcoming planned releases and versions already Generally Available listed for historical reference. 2.11.2 was the first release to have a release status page in this wiki.

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