2.12.0 Release Status

This release is currently Generally Available.

Issues & Stories Addressed

This build was delayed for one day while we discussed how to handle potential blocking issues found while testing the pulp_python plugin. We decided not to release pulp_python 2.0 with pulp 2.12.0.


The first item on the list not struck through is in progress.

  • dev branch created for this Y Release, preventing the addition of new features.
  • master branch now tracks development for next Y release
  • build system adapted to build from new dev branch
  • test scratch build from beta branch
  • beta is built from dev branch
  • waiting for fix for 1939 to be merged
  • publish Beta 2 due to 1939 discovered to be broken (fix to be included in rc 1)
  • waiting period (1 week after beta 1 release date) before Release Candidate is allowed
  • If no blocking issues filed, Release Candidate is built
  • Blockers
  • waiting period (1 week after RC release date) before General Availability is allowed

If no blocking issues filed before the end of the RC waiting period, the Generally Available release will be built and released.

The rest of the checklist is conditional on whether or not blockers are found in the beta cycle; this page will be updated as the 2.12.0 release progresses. See the Release Schedule for more details.

If all goes well, and no blocking bugs delay further release stages, this release should become Generally Available Jan 31 2017. This page will be updated as progress is made.