2.21.4 Release Schedule

The current tentative release date for 2.21.4 is October 22, 2020

2.21.4 release task

pulp_deb would like to have a final pulp2 release in conjunction - per quba42's request on 08-OCT.


The first item on the list not struck through is in progress.

The rest of the checklist is conditional on whether or not blockers are found in the beta cycle; this page will be updated as the release progresses. See the Release Schedule for more details.


  • 7726 - file-level permissions problem

Release Contact: ggainey on freenode (#pulp and#pulp-dev)


Shortly after GA a regression was found (7803 ). The fix was released on 10-NOV, as a respin of 2.21.4 .

2.21.4-2 release task


Another instance of the problem fixed in 2.21.4-2, this time in pulp_rpm, was reported on 18-NOV. See 7849 for details.

pulp_rpm 2.21.4-2 was released with this fix on 19-NOV.