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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Platform Release
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2585PulpIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumBugs fixed in version link is not correct for pluginsbizhangttereshcYes2.12.2
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2630PulpIssueON_QAUrgent1. Lowdisassociate_units updates last_unit_removed timestamp even if no units are removedsemyerssemyersNo2.12.2
723PulpIssueON_QAHigh3. HighRPMs with large number of files can exceed mongo document size limitdgregor@redhat.comttereshcYes2.12.2
2559RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh3. HighEmpty pkglist for the erratum may be generated which may cause yum not to find applicable packagesttereshcttereshcYes2.12.2
2620RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh3. HighAll RPM repo searches are brokenIchimonji10ttereshcYes2.12.2
2622RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh2. MediumSync fails when non-ASCII characters are present in primary.xmlttereshcttereshcYes2.12.2
2623RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh2. MediumErrata publish performace degradation ttereshcsemyersYes2.12.2
2527PulpTaskON_QAHighEnsure Pulp 2.y works with both python-celery 3.1.z and 4.0.zbizhangdalley2.12.2
2274RPM SupportIssueON_QANormal3. HighUploading duplicate content results in ambiguous error messagedkliban@redhat.comsemyersYes2.12.2
2544OSTree SupportIssueON_QANormal2. Mediumcopy always matches every unit in the repomhrivnakjortel@redhat.comYes2.12.2
2551PulpIssueON_QANormal2. MediumPulp task error messages should be more informativetomckay@redhat.comjortel@redhat.comYes2.12.2
2552OSTree SupportIssueON_QANormal2. Mediumupdating ostree rpm gives error on sync: LibError: GLib.Error('No such file or directory', 'g-io-error-quark', 1)tomckay@redhat.comjortel@redhat.comYes2.12.2
2560RPM SupportIssueON_QANormal2. MediumNon-unique collection names in erratum pkglists causes yum not to show all packagesttereshcsemyersYes2.12.2
2584PulpIssueON_QANormal2. MediumMongo cursor times out during task pulp.server.managers.content.orphan.delete_all_orphansmhrivnakttereshcYes2.12.2
1414RPM SupportIssueON_QANormal1. Lowpulp rpm profiler INFO-level logging is very verbosecduryeejortel@redhat.comYes2.12.2
2505RPM SupportIssueON_QANormal1. LowGetting an incorrect exception when trying to sync a local repo with bad permissionsdaviddavis@redhat.comdalleyYes2.12.2
2599RPM SupportIssueON_QALow2. MediumDeprecation warning in the logs during errata migrationttereshcttereshcYes2.12.2
2524PulpIssueON_QALow1. LowVagrant systemd and upstart scripts are not symlinked to sourcebmbouterdalleyYes2.12.2

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