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Add requirements.yaml specification support to collection sync

Added by sajha over 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Requirements with requirements.yml:

We would like to have the ability to use the requirements.yml documented here:

# With just the collection name
- my_namespace.my_collection

# With the collection name, version, and source options
- name: my_namespace.my_other_collection
  version: 'version range identifiers (default: ``*``)'
  source: 'The Galaxy URL to pull the collection from (default: ``--api-server`` from cmdline)'

This would sync the collection my_namespace.my_collection and the specified version of my_namespace.my_other_collection. The version specification would be similar to

Field Name

The field on the CollectionRemote should be called requirements_file.

Validation of data Requirement

Note that Pulp expects to have all content from a single source and does not expect to have sources defined per content item (as the "source" field allows in this spec). As such, Pulp should not accept a requirements.yaml that contains a definition for "source". If specified when creating/saving a remote it should be rejected as invalid with a message from the user.

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Updated by bmbouter over 4 years ago

So to confirm, the idea is that this would store a text blob (like the copy/pasted contents of a requirements.yaml) ?

If so, I think that would work fine, but the "source" option could be challenging. Specifically, the Remote.url specified the remote source to pull all content from, but this spec allows for that remote to be item, by, item.

How should pulp_ansible work when the user specifies remote A to be and the "source" field says ?

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Updated by over 4 years ago

I think it might be okay to reject requirements with a source specified

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Updated by bmbouter over 4 years ago

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Revising to require validation that ensures "source" is not set.

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Added by Fabricio Aguiar over 4 years ago

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Add specification support to collection sync

closes #5250

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