Story #5250

Updated by bmbouter over 3 years ago

h3. Whitelisting with requirements.yml: 

 We would like to have the ability to whitelist collections to sync in the form of the requirements.yml documented here: 

 # With just the collection name 
 - my_namespace.my_collection 

 # With the collection name, version, and source options 
 - name: my_namespace.my_other_collection 
   version: 'version range identifiers (default: ``*``)' 
   source: 'The Galaxy URL to pull the collection from (default: ``--api-server`` from cmdline)' 

 This would sync the collection my_namespace.my_collection and the specified version of my_namespace.my_other_collection.    The version specification would be similar to 

 h3. Validation of data Requirement 

 Note that Pulp expects to have all content from a single source and does not expect to have sources defined per content item (as the "source" field allows in this spec). As such, Pulp should not accept a requirements.yaml that contains a definition for "source". If specified when creating/saving a remote it should be rejected as invalid with a message from the user.