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How to connect?

pulp_ansible @ 0.2


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A Pulp plugin to support hosting ``Role`` and ``Collection`` Ansible content.

For more information, please see the `documentation <;`_.

Collection Support

.. warning::

The 'Collection' content type is currently in tech-preview. Breaking changes could be introduced
in the future.

pulp_ansible can manage the `multi-role repository content <
installing.html#multi-role-repositories>`_ referred to as a `Collection`. The following features are

* `ansible-galaxy collection publish` - Upload a Collection to pulp_ansible for association with one or more
* `ansible-galaxy collection install` - Install a Collection from pulp_ansible.

Configuring Collection Support

You'll have to specify the protocol and hostname the pulp_ansible REST API is being served on. For
pulp_ansible to interact with `ansible-galaxy` correctly it needs the entire hostname. This is done
using the `ANSIBLE_HOSTNAME` setting in Pulp. For example if its serving with http on localhost it
would be::

export PULP_ANSIBLE_API_HOSTNAME='http://localhost:24817&#39;
export PULP_ANSIBLE_CONTENT_HOSTNAME='http://localhost:24816/pulp/content&#39;

or in your systemd environment::


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