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Add Installation Layout on the filesystem to the installation guide

Added by ekohl 12 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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The installation guide should provide information about the layout of /var/lib/pulp and /etc/pulp/. Something similar to what the foreman-installer offers in this area[0].


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Added by mdellweg 11 months ago

Add filesystem layout to deployment docs

fixes #7750


#1 Updated by 12 months ago

So the pulp team decided on pulpcore_static because:

  1. It's similar to the static directory we use for Pulp 2. "pulpcore" is our standard Pulp 3 prefix for conflicting file/services/etc names.
  2. It's meant for static assets served by the webserver rather than by whitenoise in the Pulp 3 processes. Currently Apache or nginx, potentially other webservers that don't have that exact setting. Potentially some other web / cloud architecture mechanism.
  3. I think there are alternatives to the "DocumentRoot" config setting we may use at some point, particularly if the webserver is to be shared with other applications.

DocRoot is more specific to the current implementation and makes perfect sense for someone who is versed in Apache or Nginx. But I still prefer pulpcore_static, which is more future-proof in terms of naming, and backwards referential (Pulp 2 "static").

#2 Updated by ekohl 12 months ago

Nginx calls it root instead of DocumentRoot, but that's fairly similar. As such, it's closer than just "pulpcore_static". However, if that's what you choose then we'll follow.

It would be very useful if the documentation (for example would document the recommended directory layout. For now I wrote it myself ( but for anyone looking to learn more that would be a good start.

#3 Updated by 12 months ago

Changing the name of the directory would require our installer to provide an upgrade path for this change. At this time we don't have the capacity to work on such a feature in the installer. Let's all use /var/lib/pulp/pulpcore_static/.

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Re-opened as a documentation task and updated the description.

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