Task #7750

Updated by about 1 year ago

When reviewing I learned that pulp_installer (Ansible based) uses /var/lib/pulp/pulpcore_static as a document root. Since the foreman-installer (Puppet based) uses /var/lib/pulp/docroot.

My desire is for both installers to agree on a single directory and codify that in the SELinux policy.

The installation guide should provide information about reason I chose docroot was that the layout Puppet Apache module uses this parameter for the Apache DocumentRoot option. It also better indicates that it is the root of /var/lib/pulp and /etc/pulp/. Something similar the webserver. That means users can also expect content like .well-known for a Let's Encrypt certificate rather than just Pulp's static content. However, I'm not very tied to what the foreman-installer offers in this area[0]. this.

[0] Foreman is about to branch version 2.3. It will be good to decide on a directory before then to avoid a migration later on.