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Create a smoke test for RPM plugin sync performance

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We will be putting much effort and investigation on performance in the coming days. To facilitate this investigation, it would be useful to have some performance smoke tests which can quickly allow a developer to gauge whether something significant has changed in this regard, or to facilitate the investigation of performance generally.

It is not necessary for the tests to be rigidly reproducible over a long period of time. They are intended to be used more as a developer tool and not to run as part of the CI pipeline.

  • Sync CentOS 7 repository, on_demand
  • Sync CentOS 8 Appstream repository, on_demand
  • Sync CentOS 8 BaseOS repository, on_demand

In keeping with the goals mentioned, they shouldn't run in the CI pipeline in the general case, although it may be useful to have them enabled through a particular flag to run if needed.

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Adding performance tests

closes #5506

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