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Write guide for using Ansible for managing RPM content on consumers

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This guide should provide concrete examples of how to use Ansible for updating servers using repositories published by Pulp.

For each pulp-admin command for modifying content on a consumer the guide should provide equivalent workflow for Ansible.

The commands that need to be covered in this guide include:

Binding and unbinding Pulp repositories to/from consumer.

Installing, updating, and uninstalling packages on a consumer.

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Updated by bmbouter over 7 years ago

I think this would be a good blog post since it's neither part of the old docs, or the new docs.

Is it pulp-admin or pulp-consumer? or both?

Also can the actual commands that we need to preserve functionally be written out on this ticket? Even just a preformatted text list of the command areas would be good.

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Updated by bmbouter over 7 years ago

What about also including the use case of installing the yum plugin that reports profile data back to Pulp?

Also will these hosts need to register with Pulp in any way to send in profile reports? We currently have a 'register' command which we would not be including in the Ansible guide. By skipping that step will profile reporting still work to allow applicability to work? Do users switching to Ansible for consumer management even care about that?

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Updated by over 7 years ago

The blog is a great place for this content to live.

I don't think we have any pulp-admin or pulp-consumer commands for managing content on the consumers. We only expose this functionality through REST API calls (for which the links are already included in the ticket).

I was not aware that Pulp 3 would ship with a Yum plugin. Have we discussed that? Should we write a story for that?

This story does not cover consumers registering or uploading unit profiles to Pulp.

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Updated by bmbouter over 7 years ago

+1 for a blog post to host this content

Something will have to report the repos and profiles that a consumer has. I imagine a yum/dnf plugin would be the mechanism to do this. I think it's to be determined if that would ship with Pulp or not. I think that decision would come with the "make a plan for applicability story", #2450.

binding and unbinding it supported from the CLI pulp-consumer rpm bind
remote triggering of all updates from the CLI: pulp-admin rpm consumer package update run
remote package install/uninstall of package by name: pulp-admin rpm consumer package install run --consumer-id <id> -n <packagename>

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Updated by mhrivnak over 7 years ago

pulp-admin does have commands for managing content on consumers, at least for RPM. See here:

and also "pulp-admin rpm consumer --help"

There does exist a yum plugin that reports profile information to pulp, but it is not currently owned by the pulp project, nor is there a particular plan (that I'm aware of) to ship one with pulp 3.

I agree that applicability in pulp 3 is a separate topic, which would include consumer registration and binding. We've never made applicability easy for a pure pulp user to utilize; we need to re-think use cases and decide what pulp 3 will facilitate before offering any specific guidance.

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No consumers, no applicability in Pulp 3.

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