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Investigate and develop a plan for Pulp to use Software Collections

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It would reduce the cost of developing Pulp if we could use Software Collections to standardize on the versions of Python and some of our dependencies (such as Django). In the short term, it would allow us to use Python 2.7 for all of our code with likely relatively little effort. In the long term, it will enable us to migrate to Python 3. The long term goal is important as Fedora will soon switch to Python 3 by default. Python 3 also introduces some nice new features that would be beneficial to us[citation-needed].

For the purposes of this task, we'll consider only the short term goal of possibly using Python 2.7 and a newer version of Django. The output of this task should be an actionable story that will deliver the work necessary for Pulp to use Python 2.7 and Django from Software Collections in RHEL 6/7 and CentOS 6/7.

Deliver a filed story in Redmine that takes the following into consideration:

  • Availability of Software Collections for our supported operating systems
  • Decide whether we should require SCs for just the server, or should pulp-admin require it too?
  • Try out SCs in our supported OSes with Pulp, and report how that went
  • Find out what we need to do to communicate to Satellite and our community users that SCs are required now
  • Consider which version of Pulp this requirement should be introduced with (3?)

Might be helpful:

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Blocks Pulp - Issue #1135: Pulp's unit tests are not compatible with Mock>=1.1.0CLOSED - WONTFIX<a title="Actions" class="icon-only icon-actions js-contextmenu" href="#">Actions</a>


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