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Story #6134: [EPIC] Pulp import/export

As a user, I can export into a series of files of a particular size

Added by daviddavis about 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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This is to support the use case where Katello wants to export a series of files of a given size that can be recombined and imported later.

This would allow Katello to avoid the 3x disk usage problem whereby three copies of an artifact exist: the original one, the exported one, and the one in the split archives.

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Updated by ggainey about 4 years ago

IRC conversation that spurred this issue:

<partha> jsherrill: jturel ggainey so one of the stories I was looking at regarding import/export was the ability to break stuff into smaller batch sizes . Can ya repository content span more than a dv iso ?
<partha> in size
<partha> I guess a content view verison can can right ?
<ggainey> pulp-export drops a single .tar.gz - prev discussion said splitting would be handled by the caller
<ggainey> a single repo-version can certainly be bigger than 4Gb - consider "export all of RHEL7", for example
<jsherrill> ggainey: i thought we talked about pulp doing that because that was the only way to avoid 3x the disc space
<jsherrill> i know originally we said pulp wouldn't, but then i think that dawned on us
<ggainey> jsherrill: pulp is avoiding the 3x disk space problem, by writing directly to a tar.gz instead of to a filesystem-tree and then tar.gz-ing at the end
<jsherrill> ggainey: right but the entire solution needs to avoid the 3x disk space issue
<ggainey> jsherrill: how can it? katello has its own data to export, on top of/in addition to what pulp owns
<jsherrill> ggainey: we just have a simple metadata file, that could easily ship beside the exported data, or appended to a tar file potentially
<ggainey> but you can't "append to the tarfile" until that file exists.
<jsherrill> right, it just depends on how the files are split and if the format supports appending, but if not like i said we can just ship it beside the file(s)
<jsherrill> i swear we talked about all this ;)
<ggainey> ...
<ggainey> we did - and the outcome (that I heard, at least) was "pulp will produce a .tar.gz and it will be the caller's (ie katello's) reposonsibility to handle splitting it up however it wants
<ggainey> "
<ggainey> which is what I've been saying/documenting ever since
<jsherrill> that was, until we realized we couldn't solve the 3x disk space problem that way
<ggainey> which is why, for example, the API docs have no mention of ever accepting a "chunk/split size"
<jsherrill> i heard it more as a 'future feature'
<jsherrill> i know its not there now
<jsherrill> i didn't have any expectation of it being there now
<ggainey> so, just for transparency's sake, today has been a full day already of "oh but I meant <something else>" about things that I have been documenting and explaining and emailing about for months now
<ggainey> sigh
<jsherrill> i'm not sure how we avoid the 3x disk space issue without pulp doing it?
<jsherrill> which was the point right?
<jsherrill> the user doesn't care if some sub-system avoids the 3x disk space
<jsherrill> if the overall solution doesn't
<ggainey> the "three times" thing today, as it has been explained to me, is "in pulp, in filesystem-export-tree, in resulting .tar.gz"
<jsherrill> i'm sorry if that was explained incorrectly then :(
<ggainey> one can then use, say, the os 'split' command to cut that tar.gtz up into chunks to move to some medium
<jsherrill> but i mean its possible i'm misremembering this conversation
<ggainey> this is why I basically beg people to write things down/add to docs/answer email threads
<ggainey> it's fine
<jsherrill> i think this was during a meeting?
<jsherrill> when we had this realizatipn
<jsherrill> realization
<jsherrill> sorry that it did not come sooner :)
<ggainey> if it's not in the doc, then I am not currently planning to do it
<jsherrill> during docs/email review
<ggainey> so - is this an immediate requirement?
<jsherrill> i think we have to discuss it?
<ggainey> well, I think the discussion would be about time, resources, and priority - but it has to come *after* we have a definition of the actual use-case
<ggainey> esp since that's where the confucion is happening, not on the scheduling end
<ggainey> confusion, even
<daviddavis> ggainey jsherrill I know we talked about it. it was my understanding that it was a future feature and not something we had to solve right away. who can we ask about whether it needs to be soon?
<jsherrill> daviddavis: and that may have been
<jsherrill> we didn't do a good job of establishing what 'future feature' meant
<jsherrill> which future ;)
<daviddavis> agreed
<partha> I mean if we have a 20GB cv dump and have to split it into 5 on disk ourselves wouldn;t we need 2x the space ? 
<jsherrill> 3x includes the original content
<jsherrill> iirc
<partha> good point
<daviddavis> is it not possible to split a file in place?
<ggainey> daviddavis: split, when used against a file, needs the space for the original and the parts, until it's done (iirc)
<jsherrill> it looks like it might be possible with dd
<jsherrill> its really ugly though ;)
<partha> was looking at the smae lol
<ggainey> aanyway - we can do this, I think, for pulpexport by opening the tarfile 'w|', and streaming it to the split() cmd directly
<jsherrill> its 2x+size of one chunk
<jsherrill> which is a lot better than 3x
<jsherrill> ggainey: would that avoid 3x?
<ggainey> jsherrill: yes, because the tarfile never ends up on disk at all
<ggainey> of course, you're now keeping one 'chunk' in *memory* at a time...
<daviddavis> I filed
<ggainey> (assuming this works, it prob does but would have to see it working)
<jsherrill> lets keep the conversation going, its possible we can do it on our side given that option with dd
<daviddavis> is that less effort though?
<ggainey> jsherrill: not and prefvent 3x - you don't have the file until export is done
<ggainey> oh wait, I see
<ggainey> you have 2x (in pulp, in file) and then you end up with 2x-plus-chunk
<ggainey> I get it
<ggainey> sorry, slow today
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Take as an allowed-param export-size=, we can look at using[split, -b, , -a, 4, -u, -, ], input=(tar-gz-stdout)) as an approach. More detail to come.

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Added by ggainey almost 4 years ago

Revision 44bb0623 | View on GitHub

Teach exporter to understand, validate, and respect chunk_size= parameter.

Since we can now have multiple-output-files, replaced filename/sha256 columns with output_file_info, a JSONField which is a dictionary of filename: hash pairs. closes #6736

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