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Pulp discards error message on ISO sync validation failure

Added by rmcgover almost 6 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Pulp 2
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A user reported an error during ISO sync where Pulp's given error messages were blank.

The sync errors look like this:

Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936) Task pulp.server.managers.repo.sync.sync[41520be8-0395-4753-ac6a-ca
ff60bcfcb3] raised unexpected: Exception([{'name': u'rhel-server-6.10-x86_64-boot.iso', 'error': {}}, {'name': u'rhel-server-6.10-x86_64-dvd.iso', 'error': {}
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936) Traceback (most recent call last):
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/celery/app/", line
 367, in trace_task
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     R = retval = fun(*args, **kwargs)
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp/server/async/
", line 529, in __call__
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     return super(Task, self).__call__(*args, **kwargs)
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp/server/async/
", line 107, in __call__
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     return super(PulpTask, self).__call__(*args, **kwargs)
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/celery/app/", line
 622, in __protected_call__
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     return*args, **kwargs)
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp/server/controllers/re", line 769, in sync
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     sync_report = sync_repo(transfer_repo, conduit, call_config)
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp/server/async/
", line 737, in wrap_f
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     return f(*args, **kwargs)
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp_rpm/plugins/importers
/iso/", line 103, in sync_repo
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     report = self.iso_sync.perform_sync()
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp_rpm/plugins/importers
/iso/", line 263, in perform_sync
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     self.progress_report.state = self.progress_report.STATE_COMPLET
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pulp_rpm/common/progress.p
y", line 307, in _set_state
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936)     raise Exception(self.iso_error_messages)
Jul  5 06:15:02 pulp: [41520be8] (98361-63936) Exception: [{'name': u'rhel-server-6.10-x86_64-boot.iso', 'error':
{}}, {'name': u'rhel-server-6.10-x86_64-dvd.iso', 'error': {}}]

Since the message contains an empty 'error', one can only review the Pulp code and make estimates at the cause of the error.

The reason for the empty error seems to be because Pulp catches the relevant exception and silently discards it.

See pulp_rpm/plugins/pulp_rpm/plugins/importers/iso/ :

    def download_succeeded(self, report):
        This is the callback that we will get from the downloader library when it succeeds in
        downloading a file. This method will check to see if we are in the ISO downloading stage,
        and if we are, it will add the new ISO to the database.

        :param report: The report of the file we downloaded
        :type  report:
        # If we are in the isos stage, then this must be one of our ISOs.
        if self.progress_report.state == self.progress_report.STATE_ISOS_IN_PROGRESS:
            # This will update our bytes downloaded
            iso =
                if self._validate_downloads:
                except NotUniqueError:
                    iso = iso.__class__.objects.filter(**iso.unit_key).first()
                self._associate_unit(self.sync_conduit.repo, iso)

                # We can drop this ISO from the url --> ISO map
                self.progress_report.num_isos_finished += 1
            except ValueError:

And pulp_rpm/plugins/pulp_rpm/plugins/db/ :

    def validate_iso(self, storage_path, full_validation=True):
        Validate that the name of the ISO is not the same as the manifest's name. Also, if
        full_validation is True, validate that the file found at self.storage_path matches the size
        and checksum of self. A ValueError will be raised if the validation fails.

        :param storage_path   : The path to the file to perform validation on
        :type  storage_path   : basestring

        :param full_validation: Whether or not to perform validation on the size and checksum of the
                                ISO. Name validation is always performed.
        :type  full_validation: bool
        # Don't allow PULP_MANIFEST to be the name
        if == ISOManifest.FILENAME:
            msg = _('An ISO may not be named %(name)s, as it conflicts with the name of the '
                    'manifest during publishing.')
            msg = msg % {'name': ISOManifest.FILENAME}
            raise ValueError(msg)

        if full_validation:
            with open(storage_path) as destination_file:
                # Validate the size
                actual_size = self.calculate_size(destination_file)
                if actual_size != self.size:
                    raise ValueError(_('Downloading <%(name)s> failed validation. '
                                       'The manifest specified that the file should be %('
                                       'expected)s bytes, but '
                                       'the downloaded file is %(found)s bytes.') % {
                                     'expected': self.size,
                                     'found': actual_size})

                # Validate the checksum
                actual_checksum = self.calculate_checksum(destination_file)
                if actual_checksum != self.checksum:
                    raise ValueError(
                        _('Downloading <%(name)s> failed checksum validation. The manifest '
                          'specified the checksum to be %(c)s, but it was %(f)s.') % {
                            'name':, 'c': self.checksum,
                            'f': actual_checksum})

Consider what happens if an ISO doesn't match PULP_MANIFEST:

- validate_iso raises a ValueError with a detailed error message
- download_succeeded catches the ValueError with the message, discards it (without even logging), and calls download_failed with the download report, which will not contain any error message (since the download succeeded)

This doesn't seem to make sense - all the error details are prepared, but then discarded, which only makes it more difficult to support Pulp users.

Steps to reproduce

- Manually set up a corrupted ISO repo (e.g. take a valid repo and then alter the size of a file in PULP_MANIFEST)
- Attempt to sync from the corrupted repo

Actual behavior

Pulp sync task fails, but logs produce no error details.

Expected behavior

Pulp sync task fails, and logs contain an error message explaining that a file failed validation against the manifest.

Related issues

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Added by werwty almost 6 years ago

Revision 05d03329 | View on GitHub

Display validation sync error failure message for ISO

When synced ISO fails validation, error message is not on the nectar report. Rather than trying to put this on the nector report pass the exception to the progress report and display it there.

closes #3845

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