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Support for X-Correlation-ID HTTP REST header

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Hello, in Satellite 6 we send X-Correlation-ID HTTP header to backend systems for syslog correlation. We need this string (usually a hexa string 6-10 characters but can be arbitrary string) to be present in all logs related to this request. This should be configurable for syslog logger (usually via format wildcards like %correlation_id) in configuration file, but this is not a must.

When you support systemd-journald this must be added to all logs as well via explicit field named CORRELATION_ID.

I think I requested this feature already but cannot find it, close if you find it thanks.

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Related to Pulp - Story #4689: As a user, Pulp logs have correlation ids in the logs of all servicesASSIGNED

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#2 Updated by about 2 years ago

The following tickets are needed in order to improve logging in Foreman:

#3 Updated by bmbouter almost 2 years ago

To do this in all the places, the correlation ID would need to be known at the webserver, the resource manager, and the workers.

#4 Updated by bmbouter over 1 year ago

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#5 Updated by over 1 year ago

Hey, this is a recognized Satellite 6 feature, was this close intentional? Pulp is the only component we are waiting for to provide this capability, it's been implemented for everything else. You are scheduled as last since heavy work on Pulp 3, but we need this feature. Thanks for info.

#6 Updated by bmbouter over 1 year ago

With Pulp3 I think this should work already by the user installing a package like django-cid and configuring the cid variable in a custom formatter. If there is more we need to do in Pulp3 to support this we can re-open, just let us know.

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I filed a Pulp 3 story to track this effort:

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  • Related to Story #4689: As a user, Pulp logs have correlation ids in the logs of all services added

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