Pulp 2 13 Test Result Summary


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Started On: April 12, 2017
Finished On: April 26. 2017
Beta/RC URL:
Redmine URL: http://

Automated tests have increased from 481 in 2.12 to 521 in 2.13 . The jobs were run nightly on EL7 , Fedora 24 and Fedora 25. Upgrade jobs were run on RC builds. Upgrade test jobs passed for EL7. Fedora still experiences the issue Manual testing was limited to the scenarios that do not yet have pulp smash tests. Docker tests have been improved to use crane. This provides better test coverage for Docker plugin tests. All the new features have been added to pulp-smash backlog to automate or
are already automated.

Pulp QE team approves the release of the 2.13 RC to GA.

Beta History
Beta 1: April 12, 2017
RC 1: April 24, 2017


[[Status: [X] PASSED [ ] FAILED
System: x86_64
RHEL 7.3
Installation PASS PASS
Upgrade PASS PASS]]


2.13 Features and Bugs

New Features

Here are the specific stories done for 2.13:

        2336    Update crane to serve manifest schema 2
  Docker Support
        2099    As a user, I can sync v2 schema manifests
        2368    As a user, I want to provide synced images with multiple "/" in them.
        1988    As a new developer, I am able to get started from the documentation
        2324    As a user, I can see the first 8 characters of a task id in every log statement
emitted from a running task
        2519    Enable workers to record their own heartbeat records to the database
        2548    As an administrator, I can configure how pulp logs
  Puppet Support
        2108    Add option to puppet_install distributor to install to 'modules' directory and
cleanup base directory
  Python Support
        135     As a user, I can synchronize wheels from PyPI
        136     As a user, I can upload wheel packages to Pulp
        137     As a user, I can publish repositories that contain wheel packages
        140     As a user, I can sync Python packages from another Pulp server
        1882    Rebuild model to support all package types
        1883    As a user, I can sync and publish all package types
  RPM Support
        2575    As a user, I don't have to wait for migration 0020_nested_drpm_directory if
there are no DRPMs

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Issues Addressed

Here are the bug fixes specific to 2.13:

        2608    Update crane installation and configuration docs
  Docker Support
        2643    DKR1008: Could not find registry API at
        2644    pulp fails to correctly process WWW-Authenticate headers
        1839    sn.dat is succeptable to race conditions
        2013    SSL certs are created at install time, but should be at setup runtime
        2613    Worker Heartbeats Broken After Broker Reconnect
        2496    Killing pulp_workers, pulp_celerybeat, and pulp_resource_manager causes the status
API still shows them as running
        2516    worker heartbeat log statement mishandles timezone
        2589    Pulp 2.13 nightly fails to start on RHEL 7.3
        2687    Rsync publish removes symlinks and replace them with directories
  Puppet Support
        2512    Puppet Importer swallows exception when one is raised during upload
        2581    Update puppet release notes through 2.13.0
  Python Support
        2561    pulp_python 2.0 new features are not documented
  RPM Support
        2543    RPM Importer swallows exception when one is raised during upload
        2101    'pulp-admin iso repo create' command does not set default --serve-http config

All bug fixes from Pulp 2.12.2 and earlier are also included in Pulp 2.13.

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Action Items

The action items post 2.13 release is to continue adding automation tests for 2.13 issues.