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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Platform Release
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1839PulpIssueMODIFIEDHigh3. Highsn.dat is succeptable to race conditionsmihai.ibanescu@gmail.combizhangYes2.13.0
2496PulpIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumKilling pulp_workers, pulp_celerybeat, and pulp_resource_manager causes the status API still shows them as runningbmbouterdkliban@redhat.comYes2.13.0
2516PulpIssueMODIFIEDNormal1. Lowworker heartbeat log statement mishandles timezonemhrivnakdalleyYes2.13.0
1988PulpStoryMODIFIEDNormalAs a new developer, I am able to get started from the documentationamacdona@redhat.comfdobrovo2.13.0
2324PulpStoryMODIFIEDNormalAs a user, I can see the first 8 characters of a task id in every log statement emitted from a running taskmhrivnakdaviddavis@redhat.com2.13.0
2519PulpStoryMODIFIEDNormalEnable workers to record their own heartbeat records to the databasedkliban@redhat.comdalley2.13.0
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2581Puppet SupportIssueMODIFIEDNormal1. LowUpdate puppet release notes through 2.13.0semyersbizhangYes2.13.0
2108Puppet SupportStoryMODIFIEDNormalAdd option to puppet_install distributor to install to 'modules' directory and cleanup base directoryjsherril@redhat.combizhang2.13.0
  RPM Support 3 Collapse all/Expand all
2543RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumRPM Importer swallows exception when one is raised during uploaddalleyfdobrovoYes2.13.0
2575RPM SupportStoryMODIFIEDNormalAs a user, I don't have to wait for migration 0020_nested_drpm_directory if there are no DRPMsmhrivnakdaviddavis@redhat.com2.13.0
2101RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDLow1. Low'pulp-admin iso repo create' command does not set default --serve-http configdkliban@redhat.comtulphoonYes2.13.0

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