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 [API Spec]( 

 This API allows searching all collection versions in hub across all repositories. It would replace the current functionality `_ui/v1/repo/{base_path}` and `_ui/v1/collection-versions` endpoints by providing a flag to return all collection versions or just the latest version in each collection. 

 This endpoint addresses a couple of important problems in galaxy_ng. 

 - Repository discovery: provides a mechnisim to find what repositories a collection is in 
 - Content discovery: provides a way to search which collections have a specific piece of content (such as a role or a module) 
 - UX Issues: right now, all collection views in the UI have to be scoped to a single repository and it’s an awful user experience. 
 The following related fields can be included: 

 - namespace: includes summary of the namespace the version is in 
 - metadata: includes the collection version metadata 
 - distributions: includes a list of the distributions that content is in. 
 By default this endpoint will only search content that are in distributions that are labelled with content=public. Other sets of distributions can be queried using `?distribution_labels=<label>` and a specific repository can be selected using `?distribution=<base_path>`