Story #7261

Updated by ttereshc almost 4 years ago

### Motivation 

 Each plugin can have different process when it comes to Redmine and Beta releases. 
 Currently, it's required to have a milestone and issues associated with it and the status in redmine is updated. 
 Additionally, if something goes south at the stage of updating redmine state, it fails inthe `publish_plugin_pypi` script. It's confusing, because it doesn't seem to be connected to PyPI. 

 Here is the pulp-2to3-migration plugin process for Beta: 
  - changelog is generated 
  - redmine milestone is not created 
  - redmine status is not updated 
  - redmine changes will happen during the GA release. 

 Other plugins might want to have changes in redmine. 

 ### Proposal 

 - Have a configuration flag to not make any redmine changes. `update_redmine`? `update_redmine_milestone`? 
 - Do not require milestone to be present and do not update anything in redmine if ^ is set to False specified 
 - Move the update of redmine into a separate step/job and not have it as a part of publishing to PyPI to avoid confusion.