Task #1197

Updated by bmbouter over 6 years ago

There are several working names currently being used:

* The section of the config in server.conf is named 'lazy'
* Various keys and values contained in the 'lazy' section: streamer_cache_timeout, streamer_port, streamer_interface, redirect_url
* The pulp streaming software (and its rpm name) is called 'pulp-streamer'
* The comps.xml definition that installs squid and pulp-streamer is called 'pulp-lazy'
* The feature overall is called 'lazy active' and 'lazy passive'
* The importer config key named 'lazy_sync' which is how to enable this via the API
* The pulp-admin option is currently slated to be named '--lazy=active' or '--lazy=passive'

Perhaps there would be better names than these. Post your name suggestions as comments on this thread.