Task #5629

Updated by bmbouter over 4 years ago

As discussed "on We instruct users "in the mailing list": we need docs": to put the scheme:// in the CONTENT_HOST variable. This is incorrect because the "Host" does not contain a new required setting because: 

 1. plugins like pulp_docker require this CONTENT_HOST scheme, only a host and optional port. Pulp needs to allow the scheme to be set, but others may not, so this setting could become a dividing line for plugins that want it set versus those that don't. 

 2. Clients are semantically unsure to allow clients to know how to handle responses for one Pulp server versus another. This setting changes connect to the client's responsibilities (relative vs absolute URL handling). content app. 

 3. Relative urls are not as usable as absolute urls. 

 h3. Solution 

 Add a To make the setting named name match the data it contains we need to rename CONTENT_HOST to CONTENT_ORIGIN that which is required. exactly the data we store in it: scheme://host:port.