Story #5120

Updated by 12 months ago

User migrating from Pulp 2 will create an instance of a Migration Plan in Pulp 3 by uploading the migration plan as JSON. Then the user is going to dispatch a task to execute the Migration Plan. All the progress from running the migration plan task is going to be recorded using Progress Reports for the Task. While the user is currently able to perform a GET on a specific Task to check progress, the user is unable to find a Task associated with a particular Migration Plan. This makes it difficult to know if a specific Migration Plan has been executed or not.

The ReservedResource object is ephemeral. As a result, the Task API does not include the reserved resources. A filter for tasks on 'reserved_resources' would require the following changes:

- Add a ReservedResourceRecord TaskReservedResource model that has the same fields as ReservedResource
- Create an instance of ReservedResourceRecord TaskReservedResource when creating ReservedResource
- Add a 'reserved_resources' field to the TaskSerializer that will get data from the ReservedResourceRecord TasReservedResource table
- Extend the TaskFilter with a 'reserved_resources' filter