Task #4714

Updated by bmbouter 8 months ago

The 'validate' field 2 fields that should be removed. removed are: 'validate', 'policy'.

Our Master Remote includes fields that it shouldn't. In our original planning, the fields that were included seem to be "all fields that many plugins will probably need". This sends a mixed message to plugin authors, who may not be familiar with how or if these fields are used at all by pulpcore.

`policy`. This is a field which should be consistent across all plugins that implement lazy, but plugins *are not required to implement lazy*. IMO anything optional should be implemented by the plugin writers so they don't inherit a lot of dead fields.

`validate. The pulpcore provided downloaders do some validation, but are unaware of the Remote.validate value. If this field is used, it must be used by the plugin. Therefore, the plugin should be the one to add it if they want it.