Task #4554

Updated by ttereshc almost 5 years ago

When Pulp 2 and Pulp 3 are ran on the same system differentiating the services is difficult which affects the ability to debug, restart the proper services and overall manage both applications during transition. Based on some pulp-dev email conversations one of two options should be taken: 

 #1: -#1: Rename Pulp 3 services to all new names to clearly differentiate differentiate- 

 For example: -For example:- 

  a) -a) pulp-task-manager 
  b) pulp-tasking-manager 
  c) pulp-queue-manager 
  d) pulp-arborist 
  e) arborist 
  f) pulp-task-runner 
  g) pulp-task-worker 
  h) pulp-async-worker 
  i) pulp-tasking-worker 
  j) pulp-seedling pulp-seedling- 

 -#2: #2: Rename Pulp 2 services to include version- version 

  -a) a) pulp2-resource-manager 
  b) pulp2-worker- pulp2-worker 

 -As As per "this thread":, it's decided to go with option 2 - rename pulp2 services.- 

 As per "this thread":, it's decided to go with option 1 a rename pulp3 services to pulpcore-* services.