Story #4764

Updated by bmbouter about 1 year ago

The user should be able to sync down one or more {namespace}.{name} Collections similar to what mazer installs here:

h3. Solution

Add a CollectionRemote and give it a 'white_list' attribute. This attribute accepts the same argument value as the `mazer install` command. Specifically it accepts one or more collections separated by spaces. Each collection is specified by items, and an optional version string. If version string is unspecified, the latest is downloaded. If a version string is specified, that version is downloaded.

So for example:,1.2.3 foo.baz,2.3.4 foo.zab

would sync down and create 3 collections:
1. version 1.2.3 (even if newer was available)
2. foo.baz version 2.3.4 (even if newer was available)
3. foo.zab it will discover whatever the latest is and use that. Syncing without a version of time should give you newer and newer collections.