Task #831

Updated by bmbouter over 5 years ago

RTD uses branch names to determine if a user is browsing the latest version or not. If you are the user is not on the latest version, you will be shown version a banner claiming the docs you are is shown on all pages saying they are out of date like "this one": not browsing the latest. Our new style x.y-release branches do sort correctly even though "RTD sorting is somewhat strange":

The issue:
RTD "incorrectly determines if a
If another branch name builder is the latest or not" This has caused situations where banners are enabled it causes an incorrect banner to be displayed on the production docs incorrectly claiming they are out of date for the development docs.

Expected behavior:
I expect the
latest public version to not show a banner saying that it is out NOT the latest. This happened to several of date. I also expect any non-latest our sites. For now I've disabled all builders that would sort newer than the latest, but this prevents QE from being able to look at RTD for unreleased versions to show a banner that their docs are out of date. which by definition would be newer.

Recommended fix:
We cannot fix this in Pulp. It needs need a way to be fixed in have QE to verify docs using RTD without causing our production docs claiming that the upstream bug [0] in RTD.

latest is not the latest. Someone should test if using Protected or Private repos cause the banner to display.