Task #141

Updated by bmbouter over 5 years ago

There are a few things we want to get out of using Redmine that are currently not in place. This story is somewhat of a catch all for those deliverables:

1. Knowing progress towards a given release. It should be easy to tell what stories and fixes are included in a given release, and how complete that overall effort is.
2. Same as (1) but for sprints. Same problem there.
3. The data in the version/releases field is currently global. It should not be because otherwise a given project (ie: docker plugin) won't easily have its own versioning scheme.
4. Determine a process to track the inclusion/QE/status, etc of a bug or story for a specific version. Ie: if a bugfix lands in multiple -dev branches and a -testing branch how can we track that?
5. Implement automation to automatically mark a corresponding bugzilla bug as POST when the upstream bug goes to MODIFIED.