Task #91

Updated by bmbouter over 5 years ago

This should leverage the migration code written in #90 and needs to be done after #90 is completed. This task is to coordinate and move the remaining non-closed bugs from Bugzilla to Redmine.

h3. The moving aspects

Follow the same process as in #90 except move bugs from this search [0] instead. Also, mark them as 'Issues' in Redmine since they are defects. Similar to #90, do not copy over 'blocks' field, that or 'depends' relationships, those will be handled by a later Task #92. Update the Bugzilla state similarly as recommended in #90.

h3. The community aspects

There are several aspects to cut over the community besides moving bugs.

1. Pick a 'cutover' time.

2. Let the community know. mhrivnak and bmbouter thought 48 hours is enough notice to give the community. E-mail the Pulp mailing list indicating that the issue tracker is moving and what its new location is. Also indicating the new Redmine install is going to be used for stories, tasks, sprint planning, etc. would be good too. Publishing a blog post may also make sense. Have others review the notes before they are sent to get the messaging clear.

3. Work with the Bugzilla maintainers ( to plan a coordinated switch of the Pulp Bugzilla page into read-only mode if they are able to do that. Once the cutover occurs we can't have old issues being filed against the Pulp component in bugzilla.

4. Push a docs fix onto the existing supported release streams updating our docs on how/where we file bugs AND stories. This should likely be pushed near the time of the cutover. It will be tricky to update these docs without merging forward the '2.X-release' branches into each other. We should avoid merging forward '2.X-release' branches.

5. Notify the community once the cutover is complete.