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Story #8924: As a user, I can manage OSTree repositories

As a user, I can upload a Fedora IoT update image with OSTree commits to an existing repository

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  1. Use the URL of an OSTree repository in Pulp and a ref in that repository to build a new Fedora IoT image in Image Builder.

  2. Download the new image from Image Builder

  3. Upload the new image into the existing repository in Pulp, optionally specify a new ref

  4. Reboot a host that is using the Pulp repository for updates and confirm that it is able to retrieve the new updates.

In cases where the uploaded archive contains commits that are not children of any of the commits already in the repository, the upload still succeeds and clients are able to use them. The history from client's perspective will be limited to what was last uploaded. Pulp users will be able to roll back repository versions to expose more history if that is needed.


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The new image, does it have some kind of diff or will it replace what is in repo? How well will that work when original commits are reordered or the history is not linear in some way. Basically when it's not easy to do an incremental change?

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The use case described implies that the new commits being uploaded have a parent commit that already exists in this repository. I'll ask OSTree devs what should happen if the parent commits are missing.

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The parent commit does not have to be in the repository for the upload to succeed.

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