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Story #7513

bulk-delete tasks

Added by thm 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Currently, tasks can only deleted one-at-a-time. It would be useful to have a way to bulk-delete tasks by state and/or by date range.

In a follow-up discussion on #pulp it was proposed that task deletion could also be automatic, using RQ's auto-schedule feature to e.g. delete tasks older than X minutes every Y minutes, where X and Y are configurable with sane defaults and the ability to completely opt out, e.g. for audit reasons.


#1 Updated by ggainey 6 months ago

Adding discussion from #pulp:

<thm> just noticed that tasks will stay there until deleted. so, two questions: is there a way to remove old tasks in one go? and, should the examples in the doc be extended to delete successful tasks after reading the results?
<ggainey> thm: hm, I think we only provide one-at-a-time delete - partially due to users wanting task-history to be an audit-trail
<ggainey> but those both sound like solid ideas
<ggainey> delete-by-state and delete-by-date-range 
<ggainey> dkliban: bmbouter ^^ wdyt?
<bmbouter> we need a bulk delete for sure
<bmbouter> both? I mean they both sound useful
<ggainey> indeed
<bmbouter> also at some point we could make them auto-delete, RQ didn't have an auto-schedule feature before but it does now in the version we use
<bmbouter> so it could run every X minutes and delete tasks Y minutes old, etc
<bmbouter> in addition, separate from the user-driven delete
<bmbouter> X and Y would likely be configurable with sane defaults
<ggainey> yeah, exactly - table-maintenance is def A Thing that's really useful, as long as it's under the admin's control
<ggainey> thm: tell you what - can you open an issue for us at  htps:t// with this discussion innit? 
<ggainey> and we can get this on the suggested-features list
<thm> #7513

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