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As a developer, ansible-pulp will provide me with the cool postgres WebGUI

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The following PoC was done. For implementation, it can be incorporated into the pulp-devel role, and pulplift.

On the host, reconnect to the pulplift VM pulp3-source-fedora31 with a new SSH tunnel (this will be added to pulplift config during implementation):

vagrant ssh pulp3-source-fedora31 -- -L 8443:

On the pulplift VM pulp3-source-fedora31:

Modified /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf to replace the line with:

host all all  md5 

(Because the container has a NAT'd IP address.)

Modified /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf to contain

listen_addresses = '*'

(Because otherwise it's localhost only; see above.)

sudo systemctl restart postgresql.service

sudo dnf install -y podman-docker

docker pull dpage/pgadmin4

# "--restart always" will be ignored for podman-docker. Only real docker/moby-engine will use it. podman will need a systemd unit to survive VM reboots.
docker run --restart always -p 8443:8443     -e ''     -e 'PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=SuperSecret' -e 'PGADMIN_LISTEN_PORT=8443'     -d dpage/pgadmin4

Now back on your host:

Open your browser to:
And login with the username/email and password listed above.

Then create a new connection to:
The IP address of the pulplift VM
database: pulp
user: pulp
password: pulp
(These settings will later be set via PGADMIN_SERVER_JSON_FILE)


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Updated by dalley almost 4 years ago

So I first suggested pgadmin because I thought it was kind of an official tool, apparently it's just a community tool just like any other community tool. I didn't do much research towards what other alternatives existed.

Apparently, out of all the commonly-used GUI database tools for postgres, PGAdmin4 is actually considered to be the most painful and unituitive to use and to set up (especially to set up). Actually the fact that it's such a pain to set up is the reason this issue was filed in the first place.

If other tools like DBeaver (FOSS) and Jetbrains DataGrip are better and also vastly easier to set up, then I'm not sure how much we need this issue any longer. Maybe the only thing we need to do is add some notes or a default (developer-only) configuration for exposing the database through the VM to make it easier to connect to from a developer system.

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Updated by dalley almost 4 years ago

Yeah, can confirm that DBeaver is muuuuch easier to set up. It's available as a flatpak so the only setup involved is whatever is required to connect through the VM boundary.

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