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As a user using pulp-admin I can list sync operations run on repositories in the past

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Pulp 2


Using a new switch, users should be able to list details about last sync operations and their status.

For instance:

  $ pulp-admin repo list --syncs

could result in output similar to this:

  | Repository  | Last Sync            | Duration   | Status      |
  | foo         | 2016-01-02 12:13     | 2 h 13 min | completed   |
  | bar         | 2016-01-02 13:12     | 32 min     | failed      |

As far as I can see, there is no simple possibility to retrieve such infos otherwise with `pulp-admin`.

A first try to implement functionality like this was done in github PR #2889 at

To implement this as a new option of the `pulp-admin repo` section (and not as part of the `tasks` section) felt natural
to me as we handle done tasks always related to repos here. Other infos one get via `pulp-admin tasks` are normally
geared towards current or future events (I might have missed something here).

I would like to add a checklist, but am not sure how to do this with redmine. I therefore add some points here:


[ ] `pulp-admin` supports a new option (in the `repo` or `tasks` section) to list sync ops as described above.
[ ] Output lists all registered repos
[ ] Output copes with long repo names
[ ] Tests prove that all this is working
[ ] Docs exist to explain the new option and what it does.


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