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Jenkins should test Pulp against rawhide

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To ensure that we discover problems as early as possible, we should have Jenkins test against rawhide nightly. It will generate a lot of false positives, but if we want to really know the state of rawhide we should have a job like this. This task's deliverables are very similar to #1083.

The somehow needs to work before rawhide is branched and after all the way up until it becomes a real fedora release at which point #1083 will take over the testing. If there is a -testing repo we should have it use it so that we can leave negative karma before broken bits land in -updates.

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#1 Updated by bmbouter over 4 years ago

  • Related to Task #1083: Configure Jenkins to auto-test stable pulp against "current fedoras" using -testing fedora repo added

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A small but important note - Rawhide doesn't have a -testing repo because Rawhide is essentially the master branch and it is the latest build all the time. Bodhi is only used for the branched releases (i.e., F22 and F23 currently). However, Bodhi is used a few weeks after each Fedora branch and so F24 will have a -testing repo during part of it's pre-release phase (and of course after it is released too).

#3 Updated by bmbouter over 2 years ago

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I don't think this is as good an idea as I used to. I believe it would produce an endless stream of false-positives. As an alternative, every Fedora pre-release has a Beta period which Pulp could be tested against prior to Fedora's actual release. I believe testing the Fedora Beta pre-release would provide the same benefits as testing Rawhide and without any of the headaches.

I'm closing this issue as WONTFIX. Please reopen if you feel otherwise.

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