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As a user, I can provide dedicated temporary storage for pulp_rpm tasks

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The platform should be able to provide a temporary directory, for similar use as the current plugin-specific working directories, in which any task can write and read transient files. The goal is that this can be host-specific, yielding much greater IO performance than a shared filesystem.

Consider naming the temporary directory with the ID of the current running task. That would make cleanup convenient, even if the standard graceful cleanup at the end of a task fails for some reason.

The path to this storage should probably be specified in our config file.

The setting for a working directory should be global (/etc/pulp/server.conf)

This story is for the updates needed to support this in the platform and ensuring that the pulp_rpm tasks are using it.


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This story has a few steps that need to be taken to verify.

1. Stop pulp_workers and pulp_resource_manager
2. run

ls -la /var/cache/pulp/

and confirm that this directory is empty.
3. Start pulp_workers and pulp_resource_manager. Run the above command again and confirm that a directory has been created for each worker and resource manager.
4. Then stop pulp_workers again.
5. Start only one worker by running

sudo systemctl start pulp_worker-0

6. run ls command for that worker's working directory. You will need to substitute proper directory name as it appears on your machine.

ls -la /var/cache/pulp/reserved_resource_worker-0@dev/

This directory should be empty.
7. In a screen session or some other terminal you can run the following watch command to monitor the changes in the workers working directory

watch -d ls -la /var/cache/pulp/reserved_resource_worker-0@dev/

8. Start a sync of a repository and watch the output of the command from step above. A directory should be created and then removed when the sync finishes.

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followed the verification steps from above

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