Pulp 2 16.2 Test Result Summary


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Finished On: June 26, 2018
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The QE tasks included in the release process included manual verification of some of the issues included in the release, making sure automation jobs pass and upgrade automation jobs passing.

Pulp QE team approves the release of the 2.16.2 RC to GA.

Beta History
Beta 1: June 19, 2018

RC 1: June 26, 2018


[[Status: [X] PASSED [ ] FAILED
System: x86_64
RHEL 7.5
Installation PASS PASS
Upgrade (Not working, builds are broken but this issue is not blocking the release)]]

Issues Addressed ================

Docker Support 4
3703 Docker Support Update image upload to be compatible with skopeo Directory Transport 1.1 Actions
3573 Docker Support Not able to sync from google registry. Actions
3667 Docker Support Merrory error when trying to upload a big tar Actions
3686 Docker Support Misleading error when trying to sync private repo with wrong creds Actions
Pulp 8
3687 Pulp Pulp 2 doesn't work on Fedora 27+ Actions
3521 Pulp last_override_config exposes sensitive info Actions
3745 Pulp Applicability task fails if consumer is removed in the middle of the task Actions
3768 Pulp FIPS related failures Actions
3642 Pulp Get Pulp 2 working with mongodb in a FIPS-enabled environment Actions
3646 Pulp Get scripts (e.g. pulp-gen-ca-certificate) working on FIPS enabled environment Actions
3663 Pulp Investigate orphan cleanup performance Actions
3676 Pulp Get pulp-admin login working in FIPS mode Actions
Puppet Support 1
3753 Puppet Support Confirm that pulp_puppet works in FIPS mode Actions
RPM Support 3
3654 RPM Support CursorNotFound during checksums_and_templates migration Actions
3172 RPM Support Celery worker consumes large number of memory when regenerating applicability for a consumer that binds to many repositories with many errata. Actions
3535 RPM Support Error syncing Oracle EPEL repository

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