Pulp 2 14 Test Result Summary


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Started On: July 25, 2017
Finished On: August 8. 2017
Beta/RC URL:
Redmine URL: http://

Automated tests have increased from 521 in 2.13 to 528 in 2.14. The jobs were run nightly on EL7, Fedora 24 and Fedora 25. The install on Fedora 26 is broken [1]. Upgrade jobs were run on RC builds. Upgrade test jobs passed for EL7, F24 and F25. Manual testing was limited to the scenarios that do not yet have pulp smash tests. New docker tests were added to include the new feature [2]. All the issues have been added to pulp-smash backlog to automate or are already automated [3]. Pulp 2.14 is also the first release of pulp with the Debian plugin. Pulp-QE have not done any testing of the plugin other than installation and smoke testing.

A Test day was organized to get some community testing done on 2.14 RC, The report here [4]

Pulp QE team approves the release of the 2.14 RC to GA.

Beta History
Beta 1: July 25, 2017
Beta2: July 26, 2017
RC 1: August 2, 2017


[[Status: [X] PASSED [ ] FAILED
System: x86_64
RHEL 7.3/7.4
Installation PASS PASS
Upgrade PASS PASS]]


2.14 Features and Bugs
Here are the bug fixes specific to 2.14:

      2903    Process Recycling feature causes HTTP event notifier to be unreliable
      2819    set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE env variable in docs/
      2808    Clarify use of `pulp-consumer`
      2786    The content wsgi does not respect logging configuration
      2783    CopyDirectoryStep should copy mtime
      2874    Race condition during applicability regeneration for consumers with same profile
RPM Support
      2754    RPM uploads appear to be missing metadata information
      2920    Crane does not redirect correctly to schema 1 path
      2759    Set followlinks to True to visit directories pointed to by symlinks
      2723    As a user GET /crane/repositories/v2 shows v2 repositories
Debian Support
      878     Convert pulp_deb to use MongoEngine models
Docker Support
      2924    Accept headers are not correct during the request to the registry
      2848    remove tag and name field on the Manifest model
      2724    `pulp-admin docker repo create --help` states v1 content is synced by default
      2678    'relative_repo_path' in docs should be 'repo_relative_path'
OSTree Support
      2769    Relative paths are not checked for collisions
Python Support
      2900    Add http config change install documentation for Pulp Python
      2899    Pulp Python plugin spams logs when downloading wrong filetypes from pypi

All bug fixes from Pulp 2.13.3 and earlier are also included in Pulp 2.14.

View this list in redmine:

*Action Items
The action items post 2.13 release is to continue adding automation tests for 2.13 issues.