Pulp 2 14 Test Day Recap

Test Day August 8/8/2017
Build - 2.14 rc

Email announcements about the event were sent well in advance. We were able to get 3 participants from the community which is a big win from last year when we had 0 community participation

What went well:

We had 3 participants from the community (milkman, cixil & mxey). All of the participants had challenges with installing pulp on their test systems. This was in part due to pulp 2.14 not working on Fedora 26. We were not aware of the issue while writing the Test Day plan [1] and had announced it as one of the supported operating systems. Once identified the test day plan doc was updated. Pulp-QE was able to get everyone onboard quickly. So we able to engage the participants and continue testing. This was also a good exercise for Pulp-QE to get some testing done and verify fixed issues for Pulp 2.14

I also want to give a shout out to Elijah- the pulp QE intern for taking ownership of the test day and making it a successful event.

The following issues were verified

The following issue was reproduced on 2.14 and updated

Following new Issues were filed.

What did not go well and suggestions for improvement:-

  • Community participation and engagement

Explore ideas to attract more community participation.

  • The onboarding experience could be better

Coming up with a better plan to get get test systems easily will help us to make use of the test day more effectively

Come up with a better plan to list what need to be tested

We had a broad list of how to participate
It may be more beneficial to come up with more detailed tasks and group them into sections.


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