Pulp 2.11 Test Result Summary


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Started On: October 26
Finished On: December 14
Beta/RC URL:
Redmine URL: http://

The number of new features/stories were limited. Upgrade testing needed to be done manually and automation needed to be updated due to some issues found. Automated tests have increased from 432 in 2.10 to 472 in 2.11 . The jobs were run nightly on EL6, EL7 , Fedora 23 and Fedora 24. Jenkins Jobs were set to run on master before beta builds. As a result, the beta produced were stable. Manual testing was limited to the scenarios that do not yet have pulp smash tests. All the new features have been added to pulp-smash backlog to automate or already automated.

Pulp QE team approves the release of the 2.11 RC to GA.

Beta History
Beta 1: October 26, 2016
Beta 2: November 3, 2016
Beta 3: November 23, 2016
RC 1: November 30, 2016
RC 2: December 9, 2016


New tests were added for the following

[[Status: [X] PASSED [ ] FAILED
System: x86_64
RHEL 6.8 RHEL 7.3
Installation PASS PASS
Upgrade PASS PASS]]


2.11 Features and Bugs

New Features


Here are the specific stories done for 2.11:

Docker Support
2114 As a user, I can perform incremental publish with Docker rsync distributor
OSTree Support
2205 As a user, I want to pull older versions of trees available to atomic hosts.
1983 As a user, an importer config change or content removal will cause the next sync to
be full
2172 Memory Improvements with Process Recycling
2186 As a user, pulp-manage-db refuses to run if other pulp processes are running locally
RPM Support
1806 As a user, I can use pulp-admin to upload drpms
2113 As a user, I can perform an incremental publish using ISO rsync distributor
2132 As a consumer of Pulp content I want ISO & ISO_rsync distributor to support
relative_url for consistency with yum
2211 As a user, I can sync a distribution unit with the existing yum_importer without
requiring yum metadata
2212 As a user I can see in the task report of copy operation list of units which did not
pass signature filter

View this list in redmine:

Issues Addressed


Here are the bug fixes specific to 2.11:

2377 0025_importer_schema_change hits issue with last_sync being None
1977 basic auth in URL fails when using authenticated proxy
1069 extra Task ID in docs example to bind a repo
2133 Permissions docs should include some info on /v2/
752 Suggestion to add -v remains even if you use -v
RPM Support
2224 Cannot sync from mirrorlists
2321 Pulp can't handle mirrorlists with invalid entries
2363 Pulp acts like all is well when a sync completely fails
2071 Creating yum distributor without https, http keys in config crashes

Action Items

The following process improvements will be made as a result of this release
Automation: Continue to Improve automation coverage. And add more matrix to automated upgrade testing.
Manual Testing: Organize manual testing efforts better. Identify areas for upgrade testing and feature testing for manual testing that are not covered in the automation.

New Pulp-smash issues added

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