Current Infrastructure & Hosting

Websites - The main website is a Jekyll based website. The content comes from the pulp/ repo. It is currently built by the OSCI maintained Jekyll builder and hosted on OSCI infrastructure. The OSCI also manages redirects, TLS cert renewal, and DNS for the site. - The docs website is built via Sphinx by Jenkins nightly using this script. That builds a specific branch of the docs from pulp/pulp and then pushes them to the hosting environment hosted by OSCI infrastructure. The OSCI also manages redirects, TLS cert renewal, and DNS for the site. - The pulp-fixtures container only deployed in a hosted environment. It's deployed onto infrastructure and is re-deployed when the container changes. The infra checks for container changes every 5 minutes.

Testing Environments.

Travis - Travis is the test runner for Pulp3 specifically. Those tests are not run by Jenkins.

Distribution of Bits

PyPI - Pulp3 is being distributed via PyPI. - The Pulp 2 rpms are available via We rsync the bits to that environment whenever releases occur.

Issue tracking - Hosted redmine instance for issues and features to be filed for Pulp and some plugins. All plugins maintained by the core team are expected to be there. Community plugins are also welcome to root their issue trackers there.

Github Issues - Some parts of Pulp have their issues tracked via Github Issues. Specifically, pulp-smash and the repo tracking defects on both use Github issues.


pulpbot is hosted in an OSCI environment. It is managed using an Ansbile playbook hosted on GitHub.

Infrastructure Needs

Code Performance Testing

We've wanted to understand the performance impact of code changes for a long time. We want to run tests like these. Overall this idea is inspired by reports like these for the Lucene project.

We likely need one-bare metal machine that we can load fresh everyday and test on. We also need some way to freshly load that machine each day with a tool like oVirt or Foreman. It would be great if we could:

  • Have a bare-metal server box
  • That can have EL7 loaded onto it every night and updated to the latest
  • That Jenkins can load Pulp onto daily and run a performance test suite on it