Docs for Youtube Channel Managers

Creating Demo Checklist

0. Goto the 'Event' page:
1. Click 'New Live Event'
2. Set Title: 'Community Demo Month XX, 2018'
3. Set Time then Date of the future recording
4. Check 'Also share on Twitter'
5. Add a Twitter message which will become the Twitter post. I usually use "Watch the Pulp Community Demo to see what's new!" as a start. Closer to the event I try to tailor this message to the content a bit more, but this generic one will do at creation time.
6. Go into 'Advanced Settings' tab and...
7. Set the 'Recording Date'
8. Set 'Promote on my channel page' to '1 week prior to scheduled start time'
9. Select 'Optimize for interaction (low latency)'
10. Tidy up the Community Demo Agenda etherpad

  • Remove old agenda items
  • Update the date and time

11. Update the calendar invite description which is sent to the core team and Satellite. It's on the "Satellite share" calendar. The video URL is the main thing. It has this format:

Watch here:
Agenda is at:

12. Update the date on the Get Involved page of

  • Make the changes to on the gh-pages branch of your local clone of the repo, then open a PR.

Finalizing Demo Checklist

0. Goto the 'edit' page for the Community Demo
1. Remove the Google default 'Tags'
2. Add the demo to the 'Community Demos' playlist
3. Upload and set the custom thumbnail with the agenda
4. Create the description from the template below and set it as the description 'Description'.

0:45 State of Pulp (mhrivnak)
4:58 New Pulp logo (bmbouter)

Helpful tools

bmbouter published a script to help generate the different text outputs (email, blog, description comments).

Coordinating a Demo

0. Ensure the Youtube Event is created and correctly configured.
1. Update the invite with the "watch page" URL. Talk to bmbouter for access to this invite.
2. 10 days before the demo send out a call for presenters to pulp-list. Here is an example.
3. 3 days before (the Monday before) send out an advertisement to pulp-list and satellite6-list. Here is an example.
4. Post a post-demo Blog post which embeds and includes links to the agenda. Here is an example. I make these links with Also be sure to test your urls.
5. Post a followup email to pulp-list and satellite6-list with a link to the blog post and the text agenda with links.

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