Continuous Delivery of Pulp 3

The plan for quality involves the continuous delivery of Pulp 3 where both unit and integration are run with each PR and prior to each release to PyPI. This will affect both pulpcore and pulp_file. Beta builds of pulpcore and pulp_file will be published to PyPI once a week without human intervention when pulp-smash and unit tests are passing.

Pull Requests (100% Travis)

The following tests are used to check pulpcore pull requests:

  • unit tests
  • pulp-smash pulpcore tests
  • pep8
  • docs builder
  • pulp-smash pulp_file tests (failures are allowed)

For pulp_file, the following jobs are used:

  • pep8
  • pulp-smash pulp_file tests

Releases (100% Travis)

The following tests are used to check pulpcore releases:

  • pulp-smash pulpcore tests
  • pulp-smash pulp_file tests

For pulp_file, we use the following tests:

  • pulp-smash pulp_file tests


Other than pulp_file, plugins will be responsible for providing their own set of continuous integration jobs.


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