Story #189

Updated by bmbouter about 6 years ago

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of "Bugzilla Bug #961330": +++ 

 Description of problem: 

 Description of problem: 
 If one browses browses the pulp-server via http(s), they get a directory list of packages. This can take a long time, as apache has to stat every single link in the directory. By adding repoview or similar functionality, this load is greatly reduced, and searching for a specific package becomes quite a bit easier.  

 It would make this workflow better: Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable): 

 How reproducible: 

 Steps to Reproduce: 
 1. install pulp server 
 2. Sync rhel or centos base repo 
 3. browse http://pulpserver/pulp/repo/ 
 4. cry at how long it takes for the page to load.  
 Actual results: 
 Page takes eons to load.  

 Instead of crying at step 4 the user would receive a Expected results: 
 simple, neat clean interface. interface  

 Additional info: