Issue #1625

Updated by ttereshc about 8 years ago

"In id_list": ObjectIds are expected rather than their dict/operator representation {"$oid": ...} 

 This issue only affects applicability calculation for repos if parallel flag is set to true. 
 $ curl -H "Accept: application/json" -X POST -d '{"repo_criteria":{"filters":{ "id": {"$in":["myrepo"]}}}, "parallel": true}' -k -u admin:admin 'https://localhost/pulp/api/v2/repositories/actions/content/regenerate_applicability/' 

 Steps to reproduce. 
 1. create repo, sync it 
 2. create consumer 
 3. bind consumer to repo 
 4. create profile for consumer which will contain at least one rpm from the repo 
 5. generate applicability for consumer (record in the repo_profile_applicability will appear) 
 6. increase version of the package in the repo 
 7. generate applicability for your repo with parallel flag set to true 
 The applicability won't be regenerated.