Issue #1432

Updated by bmbouter about 7 years ago

In Pulp 2.7 and earlier when copying rpms between repos with depsolving enabled you would receive only During the 'latest' copy conversion of each dependency. In pulp_rpm to mongoengine, the mongoengine conversion copy with depsolve's behavior was modified such that was changed to not limit it no longer copies only the depsolving to the latest 'latest' version of a dependency but all versions. dependency. The new behavior causes more units to be copied than before and yum will likely only use the latest one anyway blindly copies all versions so this is not as good. It is also a behavioral change. 

 This issue tracks the bringing back resulting set of units from the RPM depsolve behavior prior to the 2.8.0 release. copy will be larger than before. A release note should be written indicating these new additions.