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 ## Motivation 

 As a developer with the new Roles facilities in pulpcore==3.17, you likely will want to filter by permissions with something like this example taken from [this PR]( 

 current_user = get_current_authenticated_user() 
 qs = Task.objects.filter(finished_at__lt=finished_before, state__in=states) 
 units_deleted, details = get_objects_for_user(current_user, "core.delete_task", qs=qs).delete() 

 As you can see, this needs to determine who the current user is, and you can't build the queryset in one go by using chaining. 

 ## Proposal 

 Introduce a `with_perm` chainable call on all querysets for Pulp objects. It could be used like this: 

 * `qs.with_perm("core.task_delete")` 
 * `qs.with_perm("core.task_delete", "core.task_view")` 
 * `qs.with_perms(["core.task_delete", "core.task_view"])` 
 * `qs.with_perm("core.task_delete").with_perm( "core.task_view")`