Issue #9637

Updated by ttereshc 7 months ago

[RepositorySyncURLSerializer    is always used]( in `has_remote_*_perms`. 

 It works only for plugins which do not have this serializer subclassed. 

 The error one may see is: 
 E             pulpcore.client.pulp_container.exceptions.ApiException: (400) 
 E             Reason: Bad Request 
 E             HTTP response headers: HTTPHeaderDict({'Server': 'nginx/1.14.1', 'Date': 'Mon, 13 Dec 2021 20:29:20 GMT', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'Content-Length': '36', 'Connection': 'keep-alive', 'Vary': 'Accept, Cookie', 'Allow': 'POST, OPTIONS', 'X-Frame-Options': 'DENY', 'X-Content-Type-Options': 'nosniff', 'Referrer-Policy': 'same-origin', 'Correlation-ID': 'b1b5beab65cd4d7d8923b5c2304b7338', 'Access-Control-Expose-Headers': 'Correlation-ID'}) 
 E             HTTP response body: {"your_plugin_specific_field_for_sync":["Unexpected field"]} 

 Everything works fine with an admin user, this error is seen only with non-admin users. 

 Pulp needs to use a serializer configured for the view[set].