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 ### Problem 

 Users can get their collection content from many places, and they want to understand where it came from. One great way to do this while increasing security is to have the mechanism of data provenance be a signature along with the claim of who it was made by. 

 This signature would be for a specific CollectionVersion asset (for a specific version). If the asset is modified even one bit (literally) it wouldn't cryptographically validate anymore so every version would need a signature. 

 How these signatures are generated or verified is beyond the scope of this ticket. 

 ### Solution 

 Add a new Model to pulp_ansible called CollectionVersionSignature and have it be a ForeignKey to CollectionVersion. Have the backref relationship be called 'signatures'. Assuming both data tables are populated you could: 

 my_collection_version = CollectionVersion.objects.get(pk=1) 
 my_collection_version.signatures     #    <---- this would be the Queryset of related objects. 

 To expose this to the user, we would extend the CollectionVersion serializer to display the signatures themselves.