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# Problem Statement/Use cases: 

 * As    a user I might have content that I no longer need to serve but I want to keep it in the repo for history purposes. I want to still be able to free up some disk space in such case. 
 * As a user I have repos that have on_demand download policy and I want to clear out downloaded files for those repos. A repository with on_demand download policy will store artifacts locally after they have been requested, but there really isn't a way to have pulp delete the locally stored files and free disk space if these packages are unlikely to be used again. 

 # Solution 
 Provide a separate endpoint which will accept a list of repo hrefs    to reclaim disk space for.   
 * Artifacts only exclusively to that list of repos will be removed. No new versions will be created or removed because content set will not change. 
 * a `keeplist` option will contain list of    repo_version hrefs    which will be excluded from Artifact removal.  
 * The task will only remove those Artifacts that have a corresponding Remote artifact.  
 * There, however, will be a `force` flag that will remove Artifacts that have no RA( aka uploaded content). This will **not** be a default behavior. 
 * The task will trim Artifacts regardless of the download policy. ( Content app would be able to stream artifact if it is locally available otherwise with the help of RA( if available)    it would download artifact from the remote source)