Story #8658

Updated by about 3 years ago

`http POST :24817/pulp/api/v3/orphans/    content_hrefs:= list_of_content_hrefs:= []` 

 Enable a POST call to the orphans endpoint that would accept a list of content_hrefs to purge.  
 A task will be triggered and will call into `orphan_cleanup()`. Instead of looking for all of the orphaned  

 Every content across pulp , it would just instead work with the list if hrefs provided( specified in case the that list of content_hrefs was provided). 
 The `timestamp_of_interest` on the content will be honored checked whether it's orphaned and if there was specified a Content unit that is not an orphan -    it will be ignored. 
 Only content that has version_memberships__isnull=True will be purged.