Story #8502

Updated by bmbouter about 3 years ago

## Background 

 See the parent epic for the background. 

 ## Goal 

 To have the installer allow users to opt-in to using the new tasking system. By default, it's opted-out. 

 ## How to do this 

 1. Use the new `pulpcore-worker` instead of the `/usr/bin/rq` entry point. The new `pulpcore-worker` does not take any additional parameters and N of them can be started at once. The new console script entry point is named `pulpcore-worker`, and it will be available anywhere pulpcore is installed once [ticket 8501]( is merged and released. 

 Do not use both the new and old style workers! 

 2. Don't start a resource manager. It's ok if you do, but you don't need to, it's no longer required. 

 3. Make sure the setting `USE_NEW_WORKER_TYPE=True`. Pulp needs to know it's using the new style or the old style. The default is `USE_NEW_WORKER_TYPE=False`. 

 ## How installer users user's opt-in. 

 That's up to the installer team, but there needs to be some simple way for them to opt-in or out. By default for now, the installer should default to the old-style RQ workers. 

 ## Switching back and forth 

 Users should be able to switch back and forth. If there is an option to opt-in for example, the installer user should be able to opt-out and rerun the installer and get back the old-style workers. The pulpcore code is prepared to deal with this as well.